ICT Security

The IT security is a subject of primary importance for company competitiveness and “business continuity”, in addition to the respect of the law.

Btree is a dynamic company, that offers its services (moreover as System Integrator) as a Reliable Partner for IT Security, to design and to manage IT infrastructures, IT Security, networking, telecommunications ad VOIP.

To implementation of the correct security strategies we follow a specific evaluation process:

  • Risk analysis (threats, vulnerabilities, existing measures, etc.);
  • Identification of appropriate proactive security solutions such as access control, antivirus, firewall, antispam, content filtering, etc …;
  • Extensive infrastructure monitoring (servers, PCs, peripherals, network, etc.);
  • Risk status monitoring with dedicated analysis tools;
  • Tools and processes for timely reaction to new risks (intrusion detection, patches, fixes, etc …).

BTREE offers: experience and expertise with the regulations on “best practicities” for security and management of systems and infrastructures, technical advisory and regulations, experience and know-how even for the management of single cases or relevant for legal scope, for example the treatment of sensitive sanitary data and genetic and biometric data, video surveillance and remote control systems.

Solutions - ICT Security