Company Policy

BTREE's mission is "Your Reliable IT solution Partner": we deliver highly specialized solutions and comprehensive technology services to achieve our customers' strategic goals.

By "IT solution" we mean the  right  "mix" of software products, ICT design, IT services and infrastructures, tailored to each of our customers.

Every single user of our solutions must see and experience important improvements in his work and our constant attention to evolution, achieved with products, technological services and professional services always up to the needs of every moment of the day.

Each Client must be able to see with his own eyes, every day,  the increase in the performance and overall productivity of his organization, through the improvement of processes, the innovation of the way of working, the circulation and sharing of data and information also with the achievement of important objectives such as control and cost reduction, governance and continuous improvement of processes and the entire organization.

Btree Software Products, third part products directly supported by us, tailoring projects, Cloud services, Cybersecurity, hardware, VoIP, infrastructure and system engineering are just some of the services we provide.

Equally fundamental are the professional consulting, training, support, IT services such as corrective and evolutive maintenance and infrastructure management, Help-Desk and Web-Desk services, always aimed at ensuring the best implementation and optimal operation at the level of the solutions designed specifically for every need of our Clients.

To achieve these objectives, specifically expressed in the documentation of our system, we put in place all our ability to analyze  the real needs of the Client to study, design and propose appropriate solutions that - depending on the case - provide for the introduction of new products integrated with the software already in the customer's  ownership, to better adapt the features to the real needs of end users, expertly combining the different functional skills, system integration, product development and dedicated software development.

In identifying the ideal solution for every need, we adopt many policies and guidelines to guarantee our customers the necessary and constant digital evolution.These include a number of basic guidelines:

  • The updating and training for:
    • Maintain a high level of technical and functional specialization of all professionals in the company
    • Have a complete view of the solutions on the market, through a constant benchmark of technologies, software, tools and products
  • The diffusion within us of the culture of the complete IT solution, realized through the full harmonization of IT services, products and skills
  • The careful selection of software products really adapted to the customer's needs
  • The maintenance and growth of our ability to adapt and integrate software to make them always responsive to the internal and market dynamics of the Customer
  • The awareness of the value that for each of us and for our customers derives from high levels of professionalism and competence, promoting involvement, training and seeking the sharing of objectives
  • The diffusion - at all levels of the company - of the philosophy of satisfaction of customer needs and expectations,  through the provision of quality products, services and solutions
  • The creation and strengthening of an ethical culture in all  of us, to ensure that the contractual terms and requirements of the service are always met and that codes and regulations, operational agreements and all applicable   laws and regulations are always fully respected;
  • Lin the utmost  collaboration with partners  and suppliers, in the belief that mutual benefit relationships can improve the ability to create value for  our  customers
  • The continuous improvement of management, production and operational processes
  • The spread - at all levels of the company - of the culture of information security and integrity, which must be understood not only as a duty, but as a priority and a competitive advantage for us and our customers
  • Providing high standards and levels of security, with Cybersecurity expertise from the perspective of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies, information and data while always maintaining the safeguarding of the principles of integrity, availability and confidentiality of data managed or held

Also for these reasons we have decided to implement an Integrated Management System based on the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI CEI ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 standards, to track and update paths of continuous growth and improvement and to offer our customers always adequate levels of service and effective and efficient solutions always relevant with the actual needs and priorities.

Finally, the Management is committed to spreading this Policy to all internal and external resources, customers and suppliers, and to evaluate and update it periodically.


The Management.