Covid 19 - Intelligent Data Mining

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COVID-19 emergency: Btree integrates advanced technologies for safe re-entry

In this time of crisis, BTREE S.r.l. is providing its more than 20 years of experience to better address the new needs and organizational changes needed to cope with the COVID-19 emergency.

The BTREE technology proposal is divided into several axes:Covid-19 integration solution

  • Technologies for social distancing
  • Automated Shift Planning
  • Automated temperature control and Individual Protection Devices wearing
  • Smart Working & Modern Workplace
  • Integration between proposed components and business systems
  • Specialized GDPR advice for new treatments

Our Proposal

It is possible to achieve full compliance with safety standards and the protection of the health of all workers through the integrated and coordinated use of different technologies:

  • Temperature control and presence of IPR, with direct voice interaction, to ensure safe access to business facilities and respect for privacy
  • Simple and effective processing of staff shifts, to ensure the appropriate distribution between shifts and access to the company with time profiles appropriately staggered
  • Electronic control of the distance between operators, with autonomous devices (without infrastructure costs), able to react in real time and with a precision of 10 cm
  • "Collaboration" and "Modern Workplace" solutions, for space in the office and for Smart Working, which can be integrated with the company platforms and within the "Bundle" proposed by Btree
  • 20-year experience in System Integration
  • Full GDPR compliance and the provision of all the services necessary for the introduction of new treatments and for full compliance with the processing of sensitive data