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Data Controller

BTREE S.r.l.
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Purpose Of Data Processing

Customer’s personal data, or identifiable data gathered by BTREE SRL will be used for guarantee the offered services by the Data Controller and for the execution of pre-agreement activities (such as sending commercial informations or offers, etc) and contractual obligations (contract execution, order acquisition, transport documents, invoices, etc).

Data Provision Requirement

The data provision is mandatory for the execution of the contractual obligations, legal terms related to the supply. The refusal will prevent our company to the contract execution and fulfillment of obligations.

Data Processing Method

The processing is made to comply with the legal obligations in term of personal data treatment and protection on paper-based archives and ERP softwares able to store, manipulate and send data. Every operation is executed respecting the legal obligations regarding data protection and BTREE S.r.l.’s information security policy.

Retention Period

The retenion period is tied to the execution of the suppliers legal agreement with our company, and after that the data will be stored for the necessary time to legal, accounting and legal obligations purposes

Automated Decisional Data Processing And Profiling

There aren’t any automated decisional data processing profiling procedures.

Right Of The Data Subject

The person concerned has the following rights:

  • Know and change the data that is treated
  • Limiting, revoking or canceling their data, although in these cases the contract will not executed
  • Transfering data to a structured format
  • Ability to fill a complaint to the italian data protection privacy authority at the website

Categories Of Data Subjects


Categories Of Recipients

Administration Office, Sales Office, Warehouse, Business and Management consultancy

Legal Basis

The data processing is necessary for supplying and processing of goods and services from the data controller, and also to comply with the administrative and legal obligations

Communication To Third Paries

  • Fulfilment of legal or contractual obligations
  • Business and Management consultancy (the updated list is available at BTREE SRL Headquarters

Data Relocation Outside EU

The data is not relocated outside of the European Union.